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Frequently Asked Questions

Who all will have access to my data which is confidential?

Inzeal Infotech has strict user access control in place - the information of your complex is only visible to the members of your community and not to other users, unless you chose to make it public by sharing your login ID & Password. Even within the same community, the information is visible based on the roles of the user. Only administrators (who are by default the Managing Committee members) can view all the information related to the community/ members. Other members with different roles can see only that information that is needed. Moreover, your data is stored in a world class Data Centre on a dedicated server, implementing highest security standards to ensure peace of mind to you.

What is the advantage of Linux hosting?
Try to login through your email id. [ login id. ]
                                    Click Forgot password.
                                    The password will be mailed to your email.
How to change the login id.
Login using your current id.
                                    Goto Profile details.
                                    Goto Change Profile
                                    Goto Change email id.
                                    You may change the email id and submit.
                                    You will get a new password in your new email id .

                                    On logout and then logging in you have to use the new email id and new password.
                                    For better remembrance and security, change your password.